Airbourne - Boneshaker CD (Deluxe)
Boneshaker CD (Deluxe + 2 Bonus Live Tracks)

Airbourne - Boneshaker CD (Deluxe)

Contains 2 Bonus Live Tracks 

From opener ‘Boneshaker’ to closer ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll For Life’, a song held together with safety pins an’ sweat, Airbourne take us on a (wooden) rollercoaster ride devoid of anything that might slow the pace or stop the heart from pumping. With ‘Weapon Of War’ they touch on territory that demands a more reflective approach, but this does nothing to make the rock less potent, quite the opposite.

At a time when the hard rock world is seeking a shot in its tattooed arm, Airbourne deliver a taut body of work cut with greater swagger, groove and conviction than ever before.


  1. Boneshaker
  2. Burnout The Nitro
  3. This Is Our City
  4. Sex To Go
  5. Backseat Boogie
  6. Blood In The Water
  7. She Gives Me Hell
  8. Switchblade Angel
  9. Weapon Of War
  10. Rock 'N' Roll For Life

Ltd. Ed. CD Bonus Tracks

  1. Heartbreaker (Live in Andalsnes Rauma Rock Norway 2019)
  2. Raise The Flag (Live at Wacken Germany 2019)