Blue Divers - Blue Divers LP

Blue Divers LP


Blue Divers - Blue Divers LP

Blue Divers is an experimental, instrumental project led by Alec Marshall. Currently based in Wollongong, NSW the project is named after the bush care group of Marshall’s hometown of Towradgi. Made up of a rotating ensemble of players, the project is a fruition of numerous years of improvisation and experimentation in live spaces and studio sessions around the bands home on the NSW coast.

Powered by his own limitations of lockdown, Marshall invites us into his uplifting and at times insular world that glistens like the salt thickened air of the coastal regions where it was created. It is a series of ephemeral soundscapes that act as personal moments in time. Like a daydream, each song daintily weaves into another with ease, with the end result feeling more like a personal mediation than a traditional album.



  1. Dogs 1:43
  2. Lately 2:09
  3. Midday Dirt 6:48
  4. Traveller 1:21
  5. Wholly 2:29
  6. Lessons from High & Blue 5:27
  7. Tide’s Out 2:11
  8. Closely 2:33
  9. Bending 3:18
  10. Kitchen Light On 3:23



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