BODY CORP - Monument (Download)

Monument (Download)

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER - Release date Aug 20, 2021

BODY CORP - Monument (Download)

Track List:

  1. Without Beginning or End 04:45
  2. The Slow 03:51
  3. Everything is Talking 04:09
  4. Won't Hold 04:39
  5. Deep Breath 03:54
  6. A Resolution 05:02
  7. Future, Space, Awareness 03:09
  8. Fabric of Ideas 04:31
  9. Gathering Shadows 04:12
  10. A Memory Without 04:31

BODY CORP is the solo moniker of one Marco Vella, the Sydney based composer known for his work with energetic three-piece Retiree (Rhythm Section), as well as numerous outings under his own name and the BODY CORP alias (Soothsayer Records) . 

After a period of comparative quiet over the past few years, surfacing occasionally to deliver one of his beautiful and introspective mixes (did anyone catch Music for Stargazing last year!?) Vella is back with his latest addition to the BODY CORP echelon, a moody, almost intergalactic journey in collaboration with poet & actor Sam Smith and renewed visual artist Max Berry

Monument is a collection of ten works initially created to accompany Berry’s exhibition of the same name, which launched at the Broken Hill Regional Gallery in mid-2020. They are dark and meandering journeys, inspired by Berry’s unmistakably lonely depictions of desolate Australian landscapes. By the same token, the works somehow seem to transcend Australian scenes and to take on an eerie, exploratory nature that reminds one of a journey into the unknown - it almost sounds like something that would have soundtracked Fantastic Planet, or an early sci-fi thriller from the middle of last century.

Smith’s dialogue resonates throughout the tracks with alarming clarity - from the outset, the words are delivered succinctly and with a leisurely place, springing from the soundscape with a cool temerity. Underneath it all, Vella demonstrates his knack for weaving simple, yet captivating compositions. Again, the record feels like a soundtrack to a journey, but rather than having clear direction, it’s as though the narrator is lost, searching for an exit. There is something in Monument that gets under the skin, sending listeners back for another listen time and again, as if to appease this unsatisfying sensation of loneliness and confusion. 

It’s a dramatic return to the scene and an exciting one for Marco Vella, a quiet achiever from the Sydney scene with a lot to offer. Biding his time, slowly developing his craft and fine-tuning these works, Vella is finally ready to present to the world Monument, available for the first time in wide release outside of the exhibition itself. For a visual accompaniment, check out Berry’s works that accompany these compositions, featuring in the release artwork for each single. 

Monument is out August 20, 2021 via Bedroom Suck Records. You can listen to the first single and opening track from the record, Without Beginning or End, and watch the video by James ‘Marto’ Martin (@komfy) now. 

Says Martin about the ethereal video -- “It’s a collective visual diary of time between Marco and Marto, exploring natural energy with no beginning nor end.”  Watch it here.