Danny Elfman – Big Mess Deluxe Box Set
Danny Elfman
Big Mess Deluxe Box Set (Vinyl)


Danny Elfman – Big Mess Deluxe Box Set (Vinyl)

Elfman is also releasing a stunning, limited edition Big Mess box set this fall. This collector’s edition contains the full album along with unreleased remixes and alternate versions of songs. Additionally, the package will include collectable artwork, a unique USB drive with video content and bonus material, and an exclusive artbook featuring Sarah Sitkin’s original creations and never before seen photos, ephemera and more.  More details and information to come.

Track List

  1. Sorry
  2. True
  3. In Time
  4. Everybody Loves You
  5. Dance With The Lemurs
  6. Serious Ground
  7. Choose Your Side
  8. We Belong
  9. Happy
  10. Just A Human
  11. Devil Take Away
  12. Love In The Time Of COVID
  13. Native Intelligence
  14. Better Times
  15. Cruel Compensation
  16. Kick Me
  17. Get Over It
  18. Insects


    This is a pre-order item with a release date of June 11, 2021. This item will ship on or before this date, however due to supplier delivery times, this date may change. If you would like to receive your other items earlier, please order them separately. Items that are ordered together, ship together.

    Note - this item has been delayed and is due to ship Dec 7, 2021