Descendents - Everything Sucks CD
Everything Sucks CD


1. Everything Sux
2. I’m The One
3. Coffee Mug
4. Rotting Out
5. Sick-O-Me
6. Caught
7. When I Get Old
8. Doghouse
9. She Loves Me
10. Hateful Notebook
11. We
12. Eunuch Boy
13. This Place
14. I Won’t Let Me
15. Thank You

The Descendents put out arguably their best record with 1996 Everything Sucks after an eight year break that stunned the punk world. Almost 14 years after its original release, this album still kicks ass like it did in September of 1996 when the Descendents returned to school every pop punk band succeeding in the wake they created in the early 1980s.
Originally pressed on black vinyl and out of print since the decade began, new test presses were made and this American punk classic is now back on vinyl.