Law of Nature CD

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Laughing Clowns - Law of Nature CD


  1. Monkey See, Monkey Do
  2. Law Of Nature
  3. Eternally Yours
  4. Bride Of Jesus
  5. Possessions
  6. Eating Off The Floor
  7. Written In Exile
  8. As Your Bridges Burn Behind You
  9. The Year Is More Important
  10. Stinking To High Heaven

First time on vinyl since its original release in 1984. Features the classic tune Eternally Yours. Incedible band line up of :

Guitar, Vocals – Edmund Kuepper

Piano – Chris Abrahams (now of The Necks)

Saxophone – Louise Elliot

Bass – Peter Walsh (of The Apartments)

Drums – Jeffrey Wegener

"Amongst the band's very finest works. There were moments of great beauty on Law of Nature such as 'Law of Nature', 'Written in Exile' and 'Eternally Yours', where Elliot's soulful and epic sax riff danced majestically in the air". Ian McFarlane