Converge - The Dusk In Us T-shirt (Neon Yellow Print) + Pin
The Dusk In Us (Download) + The Dusk In Us T-shirt (Neon Yellow Print) + Pin

Converge – The Dusk In Us Digital Download (320kbps MP3 audio files)

+ The Dusk In Us T-shirt (Black w/ Neon Yellow Print)

+ The Dusk In Us Enamel Pin

This tee is part of a special limited edition series made especially for The Dusk In Us pre-order. There is a tee for each song on the album with art relating to that specific song on the front and the lyrics to the song printed on the back with different colored Converge logos. For the “The Dusk In Us” Tee, the band name is printed in neon yellow on a standard fitting black tee.

Track List:

  1. A Single Tear - 4:00
  2. Eye of the Quarrel - 2:15
  3. Under Duress - 3:43
  4. Arkhipov Calm - 2:53
  5. I Can Tell You About Pain - 2:24
  6. The Dusk in Us - 7:23
  7. Wildlife - 2:29
  8. Murk & Marrow - 3:01
  9. Trigger - 3:34
  10. Broken by Light - 1:47
  11. Cannibals - 1:16
  12. Thousands of Miles Between Us - 4:43
  13. Reptilian - 4:33

Pre-order includes an instant MP3 download of 2 tracks 'Under Duress' and 'I Can Tell You About Pain', delivered as an email after purchase. A digital download of the full album will be emailed on release date.

  • This item is a pre-order item with an intended release date of Nov 3, 2017. Your order will ship on or before this date, but due to plant delivery times, this date may change. If you'd like other items to deliver sooner, please make two separate orders.*