Hello Satellites 84000 CD

84000 CD

Track List:

1. Television Screens 03:21
2. Shangri-La 02:57
3. Joy Inside Our Skin 03:59
4. Hollering Saints 02:29
5. Hum In Our Veins 03:26
6. In Love 04:14
7. Like Sunlight 01:53
8. Josie Woke Up 03:45
9. Belly Of The Sun 03:56
10. All Fiction 04:35

Two Bright Lakes are proud to release 84000, the sophomore album from Melbourne-based band Hello Satellites. Beginning as a solo project in her suburban shed before taking form as studio collaboration with producer Nick Huggins and Joe Hammond, Hello Satellites create both subtle and exciting music.

Their first self-titled album was an 11 song opus of delicate folk-pop that was lauded by the likes of Clare Bowditch and radio stations nationally and saw them tour extensively around Australia. The band’s sound has evolved, following some line-up additions, building on the subtle beauties of their debut to create ‘84000’, a stunning and thoughtful sophomore album of unique folk music with pop sensibilities and many layered instrumentation. It’s at times euphoric, melancholic and like the best pop songs, invites you in, taking you with them on a musical journey through joy and pain, sorrow and dreams.

The songs on 84000 began in the back, windowless room of songwriter Eva Popov’s home. Some were yelled into a microphone late at night, others a long and intricate puzzle of layered vocals. They all began from sounds that were collaged, recorded and layered, including trombone, clarinet, strings, trumpets, saxophones, pianos, keyboards, bodies stomping and jumping. The album was recorded across six different studios with the diverse recording and mixing talents of Nick Huggins, J. Walker (Machine Translations) and Joe Hammond with generous assistance from Arts Victoria

Released 2014