Bad Religion - All Ages LP (Black Vinyl)

All Ages LP (Black Vinyl)
Bad Religion - All Ages LP (Black Vinyl)


  1. I Want To Conquer The World
  2. Do What You Want
  3. You Are (The Government)
  4. Modern Man
  5. We're Only Gonna Die
  6. The Answer
  7. Flat Earth Society
  8. Against The Grain
  9. Generator
  10. Anesthesia
  11. Suffer
  12. Faith Alone
  13. No Control
  14. 21st Century Digital Boy
  15. Atomic Garden
  16. No Direction
  17. Automatic Man
  18. Change Of Ideas
  19. Sanity
  20. Walk Away
  21. Best For You
  22. Fuck Armageddon...

Spanning some eight albums and multiple line-ups, "All Ages" contains the very best of Bad Religion's Epitaph years. It includes live versions of "Do What You Want" and "Fuck Armageddon...," with artwork that is culled from original show flyers. The lyric sheet is also the original, hand-written versions, some of which were scribed on bedroom walls. Now available again on vinyl.