Any Port In A Storm CD

Any Port In A Storm CD

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Any Port In A Storm CD


  1. Junk Shop 03:53
  2. Lesbian Wife 02:57
  3. 1993 03:35
  4. Fakin' NYC 03:49
  5. Clock Out And Leave 02:52
  6. Jackie Boy 04:16 video
  7. Downtown 02:28
  8. Spring St 04:54
  9. Gammy Leg 03:11
  10. Charlie's In The Gutter 03:18
  11. Wild Heart 04:21

Having uprooted from Melbourne, Australia to New York, New York, the Big Apple has replaced Melbourne as inspiration his latest trials and tribulations. His heart-on-sleeve lyrics reveal tales of everyday Dermody life, somehow more absurdly unhinged, humorous and poignant than the lives of his peers. All coming from a man with a clear mission to update the rock'n'roll template beyond his inspirations and influences as Scott & Charlene's Wedding effortlessly sprawl across the generations, linking the vintage swagger of the Velvets to the off-kilter pop perfection of the Only Ones by way of the Stooges and Television.

The eleven electrifying tracks taking us on an intimate journey with Craig Dermody and his daily struggles, like a peak in to his personal diary. He documents his move from Melbourne to New York to follow a girl. "Fakin NYC" sees him adjusting to life in a new city, having to find a new job and feeling out of place as a security guard for a trendy bar. 'Lesbian Wife' sees him being caught in the middle of the biggest storm ever to have hit NYC and feeling homesick for Australia.

The Scott & Charlene bandwagon has already clicked into gear, with acclaim and plaudits from Pitchfork, Spin and The Quietus as well as being featured in articles in the Guardian and Independent, with national radio support with plays on BBC 6Music from the likes of Steve Lamacq and Tom Ravenscroft.

released July 22, 2013