August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem LP (Black/Bone Splatter)

Phantom Anthem LP (Black/Bone Splatter)

August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem LP  (Black/Bone Splatter)**

Only 300 being pressed . Includes download card.

Penultimate Records / Smartpunk Exclusive

Track List:

  1. King of Sorrow
  2. Hero of the Half Truth
  3. The Frost
  4. Lifeline
  5. Invisible Enemy
  6. Quake
  7. Coordinates
  8. Generations
  9. Float
  10. Dangerous
  11. Carbon Copy


Disclaimer: **Graphics are a vinyl mock, actual items may vary. We hope this digital representation of an album that doesn't exist yet is exactly the same as the graphics we create before the records are even pressed, but the truth is, we're not wizards.