Rabbit Island - Deep In the Big LP Vinyl
Rabbit Island - Deep In the Big LP Vinyl Rabbit Island - Deep In The Big LP

Deep In The Big LP

Rabbit Island - Deep In the Big LP Vinyl

Winter 2018 will see Perth’s angelic Rabbit Island release their newest album; Deep in The Big. A culmination of the music Amber Fresh is known and adored for in her hometown, Perth/Fremantle, and beyond, Deep in The Big is a pure experience that will take listeners somewhere beautiful and new.

Rabbit Island has made me cry more times than funerals. That’s testament to how many shows I’ve seen and how affecting the performance is. I listened to ‘Deep in The Big’ while walking the Bibbulmun track. I cried. It moved with the birds and trees and little streams and made me think it was probably a good idea to jump in water naked. It flows with the curves of The Big into shapes and sounds that might be the Fibonacci sequence or the eternal flow of consciousness. It is very hard to give Rabbit Island’s music a genre. It feels an immoral slight of pen – so let’s go hyphen crazy and say ambient-psych-folk.” ~ Nicholas Allbrook (Pond).


  1. Boxing Day 05:46
  2. Interstate 05:37
  3. Deep in The Big 05:28
  4. Zigrid 04:43
  5. 11, 12, 13 08:50
  6. The Gold Hall Beckons 04:40
  7. Louie's Song 04:04
  8. Jonah's Dream, On The Rocks 05:07

released August 17, 2018