Billie Eilish - Don’t Smile At Me LP (Red)

Don’t Smile At Me LP (Red)

Billie Eilish - Don’t Smile At Me LP (Red)


  2. Idontwannabeyouanymore
  3. my boy
  4. Watch
  5. party favor
  6. Bellyache
  7. ocean eyes
  8. hostage

    Pop legend-in-the-making Billie Eilish has frankly put us all to shame on 'don't smile at me'

    Eilish throws her voice effortlessly between gritty and golden while casually providing one of the most powerful debuts we've seen in 2017. – Beat Magazine

    This record takes full advantage of Eilish's background as a choral singer. Her top lines are beautiful in their simplicity, and her ability to harmonise seems almost second nature.

    The EP was released in August 2017 and since then she has kept growing as a sensation – This album went on to become Gold certified with ARIA.