Dear Seattle - Don't Let Go LP (Transparent Emerald Green)

Don't Let Go LP (Transparent Emerald Green)

Dear Seattle - Don't Let Go LP (Transparent Emerald Green)


  1. When I'm Gone
  2. Maybe
  3. Daytime TV
  4. Bigger Than My Brian
  5. Homegrown
  6. You
  7. Try
  8. Let Me Bleed
  9. Broken and Hungers
  10. A Modest Mind
  11. I Keep Dreaming

    Dear Seattle's debut album, "Don't Let Go", is an incredible Alternative Rock album from an upcoming Sydney band that is building an audience at a rapid rate. Their rise began via Triple J's Unearthed, which gained them rotation across the Triple J network, and helped the band gig their away around the nation finding fans all over with their raucous live show and emotionally charged songwriting. Dear Seattle have sold out headline tours, and have supported Trophy Eyes and Hockey Dad, while playing festivals like Unify Gathering, Groovin The Moo and Yours and Owl.