Stand Atlantic - f.e.a.r Megabundle
Stand Atlantic
f.e.a.r Megabundle

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER - Shipping from May 6, 2022

Stand Atlantic - f.e.a.r Megabundle

ltd. 666 Worldwide
- Blue variant
Exclusive designs
- Front and back print on AS Colour Staple T-Shirt

- Front, back & sleeve prints on AS Colour Hoodies

Track List:

  1. doomsday
  2. pity party (feat. Royal & The Serpent)
  3. van gogh
  4. dumb
  5. hair out
  6. deathwish (feat. nothing,nowhere.)
  7. switchblade
  8. nails from the back
  9. bloodclot
  10. don’t talk [to me]
  11. xo
  12. cabin fever (feat. my literal mum)
  13. molotov [OK]
  14. i wonder what kind of garlic bread they serve at MENSA



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