Hayley Williams - Flowers For Vases LP (Black)

Flowers For Vases LP (Black)

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Hayley Williams - Flowers For Vases LP (Black)

Hayley Williams’ Flowers for Vases / Descansos album finally gets a physical release.

The gripping album was written and performed in its entirety by Hayley Williams, a career first for the music industry titan.

Recorded at her home in Nashville, the 14-track album spans from stories of love to stories of loss.


  1. First Thing To Go
  2. My Limb
  3. Asystole
  4. Trigger
  5. Over Those Hills
  6. Good Grief
  7. Wait On
  8. KYRH
  9. Inordinary
  10. HYD
  11. No Use I Just Do
  12. Find Me Here
  13. Descansos
  14. Just A Lover


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