Waterparks - Greatest Hits CD
Greatest Hits CD

Waterparks - Greatest Hits CD

Track List:

1. Greatest Hits
2. Fuzzy
3. Lowkey as Hell
4. Numb
5. Violet!
6. Snow Globe
7. Just Kidding
8. The Secret Life of Me
9. American Graffiti
10. You'd Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out to Get You)
11. Fruit Roll Ups
12. Like It
13. Gladiator (Interlude)
14. Magnetic
15. Crying Over it All
16. Ice Bath
17. See You in the Future

Most bands wouldn't name their new album Greatest Hits. Waterparks aren't most bands.

The Houston, trio—Awsten Knight, Otto Wood, and Geoff Wigington —are just ballsy and bold enough to pull off calling their fourth album, Greatest Hits [300 Entertainment], and actually deliver on the promise of that moniker.

See, the boys continually rewrite the rules for what a band can do in the 21st century. While the death of the Rockstar was lamented time and time again, they quietly emerged as a new school genre-pillaging phenomenon in an old school way: by busting their asses in the studio and on the road.

"When you hear this album, I hope you walk away feeling like there's no other band doing anything like it," Awsten leaves off. "In my opinion, these are our Greatest Hits. As long as you go into it without expectations of prior things, I think it's going to be your favorite fucking Waterparks album."