Halloween Party CD
The Wiggles
Halloween Party CD

The Wiggles - Halloween Party CD

1. Halloween Party
2. Do the Skeleton Scat!
3. Little Vampires
4. Toilet Paper Mummy
5. Three Little Pumpkins
6. I Like Scary Nights
7. Halloween Table (Nonna's
8. Food Food Food (Oh How I
Love My
9. Dippy Do Dinosaur Dance
10. Howling Wolf , Furry Wolfman
11. Itsy Blue
12. Scary Ghost!
13. Halloween Waltz
14. A Friendly Little Spider
15. Hey Diddle Diddle
16. Do Do the Robot
17. Zombie Feet
18. Swim Like a Fish
19. We're All Friends
20. Happy Halloween

The Wiggles are having a Halloween Party and you are all invited! Get ready for a “spooktacular” celebration. There’s dress-ups aplenty, a Halloween feast, thirsty little vampires wanting cranberry juice and, of course, lots of dancing including colourful skeletons doing the skeleton scat! Wiggle Town is decorated like you have never seen before with cobwebs, pumpkins, bats and spiders. All your wiggly friends are there to join the party and sing and dance along to brand new songs, such as ‘Toilet Paper Mummy’ and ‘Halloween Waltz’. So, join Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony, and a very cute baby vampire, for a not so scary Halloween Party!