Sumeru - Holy Lands LP (Clear w/ Red Splatter)

Holy Lands LP (Clear w/ Red Splatter)

Sumeru - Holy Lands (Clear W/ Red Splatter)  LP 

Track List:

  1. Om Tathagata 04:32 
  2. Holy Lands 04:10 
  3. Lion Rider 05:32 
  4. Beyond The Skull 05:04 
  5. All I Am 05:33 
  6. Keepers 02:09 
  7. Balrogs 11:18

Arrest Records Australia and Whitewinter Records W.A. bring you this LP from the mighty “Sumeru”.

Sumeru is a Sydney based stoner rock five piece with a big sound, big ambitions and an even bigger concept behind their songs, lyrics and imagery, features members of Blkout, Lomera, Firearms, Shake Your Blood and No Apologies.

“Sumeru is the name of the central world-mountain in Buddhist cosmology. It talks about Sumeru being the most expansive, all encompassing thing you can ever imagine and it’s a theme that is carried throughout Pete’s lyrics and the music.”

Released October 6, 2014