Behemoth - I Loved You At Your Darkest Cover T-shirt (AUS exclusive)
I Loved You at Your Darkest Cover T-shirt (AUS Excl) + Digital Download


Behemoth - I Loved You at Your Darkest Cover T-shirt 

with Australian Exclusive back print

+ Digital download on album release date (320 kbps MP3)

Track Listing:

  1. Solve (Intro) 
  2. Wolves ov Siberia 
  3. God = Dog
  4. Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica 
  5. Bartzabel 
  6. If Crucifixtion Was Not Enough 
  7. Angelvs XIII
  8. Sabbath Mater 
  9. Havohej Pantocrator 
  10. ROM 5:8 
  11. We Are The Next 1000 Years 
  12. Coagula (Outro)

Pre-order includes an MP3 download of the track 'God = Dog', available as an emailed link shortly after purchase.


This is a pre-order item with a release date of Oct 5, 2018. This item will ship on or before this date, however due to pressing plant delivery times this date may change. If you wish to receive your other items earlier, please place separate orders.