Kid Sam CD

Kid Sam CD

Track List:
1. Mirror Drawings
2. Down to the Cemetery
3. Sunday Bus
4. Landslide
5. A Black Ant
6. Jodie Makes a Fire
7. Close Your Eyes and It All Goes Black
8. We're Mostly Made of Water
9. Soft, Grey Rain

Released May 5, 2016

This startling debut is the work of tall cousins Kieran and Kishore Ryan, whose gift for crafting subtle, subversive rock’n'roll is evidence of a bright future. Kieran’s assured, mature song-writing navigates themes of love, violence and the politics of the erveryday. Kishore’s nimble, thoughtful drumming is counterpoint to Kieran’s gritty guitar playing, a musical tension that creates remarkably well-crafted, timeless Australian music.

“a mature, diverse release. Meaning, ‘really good’”
- The Vine

“It’s their creative chemistry, and ability to create bindng and timeless songs however, that sets them apart. With Kid Sam, the stars have aligned: attention to songwriting collides with an unaffected recording ability, a work ethic and a knack for disarming lyricism. Hallelujah. I bet they can cook too.”
- Steph Hughes (Triple J)

“Kid Sam is the extremely impressive self-titled debut of Kishore Ryan and his cousin Kieran Ryan. It’s an absorbing and enjoyable introduction to the dynamic style and range of the band’s work, moving through gentle, affecting acoustic melodies to more menacing percussive displays and thoughtful, heart-felt lyricism.”
- Triple R, (Album of the Week 23 March 2009)