The Sword - Low Country CD

Low Country CD

The Sword - Low Country CD

CD Tracklisting:

  1. Unicorn Farm (Acoustic)
  2. Empty Temples (Acoustic)
  3. High Country (Acoustic)
  4. Mist and Shadow (Acoustic)
  5. Seriously Mysterious (Acoustic)
  6. Early Snow (Acoustic)
  7. The Dreamthieves (Acoustic)
  8. Buzzards (Acoustic)
  9. Ghost Eye (Acoustic)
  10. The Bees of Spring (Acoustic)

Following 9 months of touring in support of the critically acclaimed album, “High Country”, The Sword returned to the studio to experiment with a stripped down acoustic presentation of the “High Country” songs. The result, produced by bassist Bryan Richie and mixed by J. Robbins, is “Low Country” which will see a worldwide release on September 23rd. The album features cover art by Richey Beckett. “High Country” debuted at #14 upon release in August 2015.

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