Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else LP (Deluxe Blue Vinyl)

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Baby Velvet - Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else LP (Deluxe Blue Vinyl)

ARIA Award winning multi-disciplinary artist Hannah Crofts (All Our Exes Live in Texas) introduces her new moniker and solo project Baby Velvet, and announces her debut album ‘Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else’

Produced by LA legend Kevin Ratterman and Melbourne royalty James Gilligan, Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else delves in to the complexities of love, life, and adulthood across its 10 tracks. Baby Velvet looks inward as she reflects on heartbreak and making the same mistakes, self-doubt, and the darker realities of being a touring musician.

An activist and musician, Crofts feels the world sparkle around her. Baby Velvet’s soaring harmonies and aching lyrics are gloriously gritty and heart-wrenching but always familiar with hard-won reflections on the artist’s life.

Track Listing 

  1. There’s No Crying In Baseball 
  2. Atlanta
  3. Call Me
  4. Bad With Money
  5. What The Hell Is Wrong With Me
  6. Best In Show
  7. Benjamin Caldwell
  8. Silver Vision
  9. Normal People




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