Lehmann B Smith - Poplar Music LP

Poplar Music LP

Lehmann B Smith - Poplar Music LP

Lehmann B. Smith joins the Bedroom Suck Family for his seventh album.

Finding his greatest success as a sideman for Totally Mild and Kes Band, Smith has often been described as a musician’s musician, an undiscovered talent. He is a prodigious songwriter, compiling album after album of unreleased material and storing them away in his home studio for a rainy day.

“His compositions are elegant gossamer tapestries that engage and inspire – The back-porch pathos is stunningly interwoven with haunting reverie and a morbid curiosity — about the physical nature of the human body and all it’s designed to control and contain” – Brendan Telford, The Music

Poplar Music available May 25, 2018.