DFL - Proud to Be LP (Black)
DFL - Proud to Be LP (Black) DFL - Proud To Be LP (Transparent Green)

Proud To Be LP (Black)

DFL - Proud to Be LP (Black)

Produced by Adam Horovitz (Beastie Boys) and Mario Caldato Jr.

20th Anniversary Reissue - Download Card included.

Track List:

Side A

  1. Proud To Be DFL 
  2. Word Of Mouth 
  3. Lost Cause 
  4. Return Of The Knucklehead 
  5. Mr. Popular 
  6. Function At The Center 
  7. Home Is Where The Heart Is 
  8. Hit The Floor 
  9. Club Stupid 
  10. Minus Adam 
  11. Better Off Dead 
  12. S.B.C.G. 
  13. Free Haircut 

Side B

  1. Society's Pressure 
  2. Self Pity 
  3. Action Everybody 
  4. Sourpuss 
  5. Insane Authority 
  6. Good Cop, Bad Cop 
  7. What's The Difference