Purgatory LP (Grey & Black Splatter)

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Despised Icon - Purgatory LP (Grey & Black Splatter)


  1. Dernier Souffle
  2. Purgatory
  3. Light Speed
  4. Slow Burning
  5. Snake in the Grass
  6. Vies D'Anges
  7. Moving On
  8. Unbreakable
  9. Apex Predator
  10. Legacy
  11. Dead Weight

Canadian Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon are back to reveal their 6th full length album: Purgatory.

Not a theological band by any means, PURGATORY is meant to represent the mortal experience of being trapped in a suffering state and left to brood; stuck in notions of great loss and permanent scars that will ultimately define you.

It is from these incidents that humans grow. Not only do the themes of Purgatory reflect the personal and internal struggles of the band, but the struggles of modern day society as a whole, and the current lack of compassion amongst mankind.

As far as Despised Icon goes, fans can expect a bit more diversity and experimentation with Purgatory both musically and production wise. Songs like the second single "Snake In The Grass" discuss the experience of holding someone in very high esteem in your mind, to then realize that they are not only imperfect, but often deceitful.

The track "Slow Burning" is a heavy reflection on violence amongst society. Perhaps their most dynamic venture to date, Despised Icon have a fresh and energy filled arrangement just waiting to see the light of day in the form of Purgatory.

For many years, they have laid the foundation of Deathcore and spearheaded different sounds and movements within the genre. Their latest offering will not leave those so impressed by their recent return in any way disappointed.