Alkaline Trio

Split LP (Silver) Limited 20th Anniversary Edition

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Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music – Split LP (Silver) Limited 20th Anniversary Edition

After touring together and courting similar fans, ALKALINE TRIO and HOT WATER MUSIC decided to band together for a split featuring original material and covers of each other’s most popular tracks. The release finds ALKALINE TRIO covering HOT WATER MUSIC’s “Rooftops” and HOT WATER MUSIC contributing covers of ALKALINE TRIO’s “Radio” and “Bleeder”. This 20th anniversary pressing is the first time the split has been released with the full album packaging and on standard vinyl.

Track Listing

Alkaline Trio
  1. Queen Of Pain
  2. While You’re Waiting
  3. Rooftops

Hot Water Music
  1. God Deciding
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. Radio
  4. Bleeder


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