Surfer 7"

Surfer 7"

Like, oh my gaaawd! It’s like 14 totally tubular songs from NOFX. Righteous, brah!

Track List

Side A

  1. "Fun Things to Fuck (If You're a Winner)"
  2. "Juice Head"
  3. "Three on Speed"
  4. "New Happy Birthday Song"
  5. "Talking 'Bout Yo Momma"
  6. "Party Enema"
  7. "Can't Get the Stink Out"

Side B

  1. "Go to Work Wasted"
  2. "Fuck da Kids"
  3. "Whoa on the Whoas"
  4. "Three Shits to the Wind"
  5. "Puke on Cops"
  6. "I Gotta Pee"
  7. "Totally Fucked"