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Teenage Kitchen Rampage
Teenage Kitchen Rampage is a cookbook for parents, aunts and uncles or grandparents to gift to their sons or daughters, nieces, nephews or grandchildren when they think it is time to do a bit of cooking. For the young home leaver it will be essential luggage for survival. Tasty step by step recipes from a boiled egg to a pear tart, shopping lists to a utensil guide.

About the Author

Pete Oxley is a freelance writer and business manager who lives in the English Home Counties. He enjoys reading and writing in a wide range of areas but his main passions are sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and Steampunk.

Influences include HG Wells, Charles Dickens, Neil Gaiman, KW Jeter, Scott Lynch, Clive Barker and Joss Whedon.

Author of the non-fiction book: "The Wedding Speech Manual".

He lives with his wife, two young sons and a slowly growing guitar collection. Probably a masochist: aside from writing and willingly speaking in front of large crowds of strangers, Pete spends his spare time playing music badly and supporting football teams that play badly.