Custard - The Common Touch LP
The Common Touch LP

Custard - The Common Touch LP

Australian indie pop statesmen Custard unveil new single ‘In The Grand Scheme Of Things (None Of This Really Matters)’, the sweeping opener to their seventh album The Common Touch.

The Sydney-via-Brisbane gents have clearly been busy since their 2015 release Come Back All Is Forgiven, which fans waited 16 years for. The Common Touch, far from sounding like a hasty sequel, is a highly polished and expansive affair that explores diverse themes, and is replete with adventurous arrangements.

Featuring the classic lineup of frontman David McCormack, drummer Glenn Thompson, bass player Paul Medew and guitarist Matthew Strong, the album was recorded in Leichhardt, Botany and Bexley, mixed in Marrickville and mastered in Ventura California.

Track List:

  1. In The Grand Scheme Of Things (None Of This Really Matters)
  2. Halley's Comet
  3. I'm Not Well
  4. Princes HWY
  5. Sinking Deep
  6. You Always Knew
  7. Hands On Fire
  8. Armageddon
  9. Dr Huxley Creeper
  10. 2000 Woman
  11. Police Cars
  12. Take It From Here

      Release date: 6 Oct 2017