Snuff - There's A Lot Of It About LP (Black)

There’s a Lot of It About LP (Black)

SNUFF - There’s A Lot of It About LP (Black)

Over a year in the works, we can finally announce that the new SNUFF album, There’s a Lot of it About, will be released on September 20th! Listen to thee brand new song “Dippy Egg” below! Tally ho. Tally ho? Yes, tally fucking ho. SNUFF is back, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Track Listing
1. Kings of the Spanish Oi Scene
2. Summer’s Over
3. Love Hearts
4. Dippy Egg
5. Kiss My Ring
6. A Smile Gets a Smile
7. Hey Boff!
8. Patient Zero
9. Big Shot 
10. Bob’s Song
11. Gyoza
12. Job and Knock