This Addiction LP (Black)
Alkaline Trio
This Addiction LP (Black)

Alkaline Trio - This Addiction LP (Black)

Track List:

1. This Addiction
2. Dine, Dine My Darling
3. Lead Poisoning
4. Dead On the Floor
5. The American Scream
6. Off The Map
7. Draculina
8. Eating Me Alive
9. Piss And Vinegar
10. Dorothy
11. Fine

Punk rocks cult heroes Alkaline Trio's 2010 album, This Addiction, was the band’s first release via Heart Skull/Epitaph Records. Their seventh studio album, This Addiction, finds the beloved Trio revisiting their punk roots and influences with producer Matt Allison (who manned the boards for Goddamnit and Maybe I’ll Catch Fire) while still moving forward creatively and exploring new territory.

The album’s title track and first single wastes no time in setting the tone of the album as it rips and roars with Matt Skiba’s exceptional vocals and signature guitar riffs, bassist and co/vocalist Dan Andriano’s thumping low-end and drummer Derek Grant’s steadfast beats. From soon-to-be fan-favorites like the Andriano led rocker “Dine, Dine My Darling” and politically charged anthem “The American Scream” to the sonically mesmerizing rhythm and lyrics of “Dorothy” and the thrilling sing-along “Draculina,” This Addiction showcases Skiba, Andriano and Grant’s abounding gift for songwriting and crafting passionate punk fueled rock that will make fans fall in love with them all over again.