Kid Sam We're Mostly Made of Water 7" Vinyl

We're Mostly Made of Water 7"

Track List:

We're Mostly Made of Water

Tell Tell

Tall cousins Kishore Ryan (Seagull, Otouto, Where Were You At Lunch) and Kieran Ryan form the melted, subverted, deconstructed, troubadour duo Kid Sam.

They played their first gig in January 2006. Kieran went away for the rest of that year and Kishore got a job in a supermarket and wrote some poems. Since releasing their debut LP in March 2009, they have been lauded by critics for the depth of their songwriting and their engaging live shows. They’ve also toured Australia extensively playing alongside Jack Ladder, Middle East, Daniel Johnston and received frequent airplay on JJJ, RRR, Fbi, and PBS.