Leathermouth - XO LP (Opaque White w/ Red & Blue Swirl)

XO LP (Opaque White w/ Blue & Red Swirl)

LeATHERMOUTH – XO LP (Opaque White w/ Blue & Red Swirl)

Opaque White w/ Blue & Red Swirl is limited to 1000 copies and exclusive to the official Frank Iero store. Final vinyl color may differ slightly from image.

LP Track Listing

Speed: 45 RPM

Side A

  1. 5th Period Massacre
  2. Catch Me If You Can
  3. This Song Is About Being Attacked By Monsters
  4. I Am Going To…
  5. Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me

Side B

  1. Sunsets Are For Muggings
  2. My Lovenote Has Gone Flat
  3. Your Friends Are Full Of Shit
  4. Bodysnatchers 4 Ever
  5. Leviathan