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MINISTRY shows no signs of stopping or slowing down— even for a breath. Instead, the band—”Uncle Al,”John Bechdel [keyboards], Monte Pittman[guitar], Cesar Soto[guitar], Roy Mayorga [drums], and Paul D’Amour [bass]—cranks out another blast of anthemic industrial metal on its 2023 opus and sixteenth full-length LP, HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES[Nuclear Blast].

The guitars rip, the drums rumble, and Al’s as righteously cantankerous as ever about a fucked up world ripe for a boot up its ass.

Tracklist : 

  1. B.D.E.
  2. Goddamn White Trash
  3. Just Stop Oil
  4. Aryan Embarrassment
  5. TV Song 1/6 Edition
  6. New Religion
  7. It’s Not Pretty
  8. Cult of Suffering
  9. Ricky’s Hand