The Warriors Beneath Us LP (Black Vinyl)

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The Go Set - The Warriors Beneath Us LP (Black Vinyl)


  1. West Into The Sun
  2. Take Me Home
  3. Horizons
  4. Opportunities       
  5. The Warriors Beneath Us  
  6. Drink to The Night               
  7. Raise Your Hands               
  8. Broken Bones and Hearts 
  9. We Got The Numbers        
  10. Tomorrow             
  11. Gallows Bay         
  12. Sunnyside of The Street

Not many bands survive 20 years. 

Fewer still mark the occasion by delivering one of their greatest albums. 

Twenty years down the line and The Go Set still sound as fierce, as vital, as the first day they set foot on a stage.

The Geelong-based band has always squeezed out the sparks from the place where rock’n’roll collides with the spirit of Celtic folk. Now they bring all those forces together in the studio for an album that celebrates those years together, their 8 the studio set, The Warriors Beneath Us. 

The Warriors Beneath Us is an album with big guitars, big beats and irresistible choruses, while retaining the timeless spirit of the band’s Celtic roots.