Alex Lahey

The Answer Is Always Yes LP (Gold) - Signed

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Alex Lahey - The Answer Is Always Yes LP (Gold) - Signed


  1. Good Time
  2. Congratulations
  3. You'll Never Get Your Money Back
  4. The Sky Is Melting
  5. On The Way Down
  6. Makes Me Sick
  7. Shit Talkin'
  8. Permanent
  9. They Wouldn't Let Me In
  10. The Answer Is Always Yes

Alex Lahey returns with new album The Answer Is Always Yes. Featuring singles 'Good Time', 'Shit Talkin'', and 'Congratulations', Lahey delivers her signature fun-loving fuzzy rock across 10 new tracks.

Both as a proud fringe dweller and an artist, Lahey has witnessed the benefits of taking risks and experimenting, and The Answer Is Always Yes — whose title has become a mantra for her — is living proof. “I feel like if you're saying yes and you're exploring, you’re always moving,” Lahey says. “That's the part of life that I'm in right now. I just don't wanna stop.”