The Real McKenzies - Float Me A Boat 2LP (Colour Vinyl)

Float Me Boat 2LP (Colour Vinyl)

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The Real McKenzies - Float Me Boat 2LP (Colour Vinyl) 

The Ultimate Collection of The Real McKenzies Most Kilt-Twisting Hits!

Track Listing
1.    Chip
2.    Get Lost
3.    Smokin' Bowl
4.    The Lads Who Fought & Won
5.    Cross the Ocean
6.    The Maple Trees Remember
7.     Droppin’ Like Flies
8.    Best Day Until Tomorrow
9.    Ye Banks and Braes
10.  Scots Wha Ha'e
11.   Pour Decisions
12.  Burnout
13.  Spinning Wheels
14.  Nessie
15.  Bugger Off
16.  The Tempest
17.  You Wanna Know What
18.  Culling the Heard
19.  Due West
20.  Barrett's Privateers
21.  Big Foot Steps
22.  Lassie / Roamin' in the Gloamin
23.  Drink Some More 


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