Bright Future LP (Recycled Vinyl)

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Adrianne Lenker - Bright Future LP (Recycled Vinyl)


  1. Real House
  2. Sadness As A Gift
  3. Fool
  4. No Machine
  5. Free Treasure
  6. Vampire Empire
  7. Evol
  8. Candleflame
  9. Already Lost
  10. Cell Phone Says
  11. Donut Seam
  12. Ruined

In the lineage of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, Adrianne Lenker stands alone today as a generational songwriter, both solo and as a member of Big Thief. A special musician.  This highly anticipated release is now further hyped by huge organic growth on short-form platforms. Big Thief’s most recent tour of Australia was a sell-out across the country, met with hushed love and admiration. Their most recent album was Remote Control’s biggest new release of 2022.  This record will be met with major reviews and global acclaim.  It is Adrianne Lenker’s time.

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