Common Blue / Underneath 7" (Transparent Blue Vinyl)

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Warpaint - Common Blue / Underneath 7" (Transparent Blue Vinyl)


  1. Common Blue
  2. Underneath

Today we celebrate 20 years of sisterhood and music! On this day Feb, 14 2004, Warpaint was born in a small studio on Fairfax Blvd in Los Angeles. And here we are 20 years later, still making music together!! With these new songs - Common Blue and Underneath - we tie a bow around this time in our lives and all the experiences and songs we’ve shared over the years. It makes us smile to release them in collaboration with friends and family at Rough Trade, it feels like a perfect return to where it all began! Thank u so much for riding our sound waves! it’s been an incredible journey and taken us all over the world sharing good times with beautiful people. Our hearts are full!!  Thank u!!” Warpaint