Obscura Hail - Siren/Zero LP (Black)

Siren/Zero LP (Black)


Obscura Hail - Siren/Zero LP (Black)

Melbourne via Wollongong musician Sean Conran (Obscura Hail) is externalising memory for the sake of preservation. Over an untold number of late-night recording sessions in an evolving ad-hoc home studio, Conran has amassed a rich musical archive of alternating styles and an obsessive commitment to songwriting as a craft.

A project that began as a way to remember, Conran shares - “Obscura Hail began as a routine of externalising memory for the sake of preservation due to a fear of Alzheimer’s. It was brought on by receiving my first amalgam filling; to carry on a legacy, to calcify meaning and importance of my lived experience, should I need reminding."  

The full Obscura Hail band displays cross-sections of Conran’s personal routine. Balanced out by Tamara Issa (bass, vocals) and Kaelan Edmond (drums), Obscura Hail combines biting guitars, beautiful harmonies, atmospheric acoustic percussion, loops and drum machines to deliver something dynamic and existentially curated. Should you be in the right place at the right time; you might also witness an accompanying set of home-stitched visuals that translate the themes of these seemingly optimistic songs in a way you cannot unsee.

Released last year, the Zero EP saw Obscura Hail looking inwards and focusing on themes including mortality, personal values and a touch of hopelessness. As a counterbalance to Zero, the forthcoming Siren EP is Conran’s words “is charged with an optimistic, though anxious energy... A fight or flight response to the instability of our modern world at this time."

Obscura Hail is the archive of everything I have or will ever record. From raw conversations and ambience in familiar spaces all the way through to looped accidental arrangements that are delicate impressions of the environment and time I was in. The intent and meaning behind all of the songwriting and audio archives are inseparable from the recordings themselves.”

Track List:

  1. Doomer
  2. Idle Hands
  3. Penumbra
  4. Uniform
  5. Town Cryer
  6. Swear Jar
  7. Goth
  8. Sex Appeal
  9. The Thin Man
  10. Psychic Cemetery


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