Vera Blue

Mercurial CD

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Vera Blue - Mercurial CD

Vera Blue is set to release her second album ‘Mercurial’ on October 28, the new album includes the previously released electro pop-ballad ‘The Curse’ & her new single ‘Mermaid Avenue’

Mercurial – itself a term indicating a sudden shift in focus and mood – slowly took shape as a fitting follow-up to her debut Top 10 ARIA album Perennial with the aid of longtime collaborators Andy and Thom Mak.

Musically, the 10-track album sees Vera Blue presenting a sound more in line with her live shows. Armed with organic instrumentation, heavier bass, and the thickness and energy of electronic influences, it sounds more akin to her trademark performances, adding a sense of energy, urgency, and authenticity to its delivery.


  1. Alright Now
  2. Lethal
  3. Feel Better
  4. The Curse
  5. Heart Still Works
  6. Everything Is Wonderful
  7. Wherever We Go
  8. Mermaid Avenue
  9. Trust Fall
  10. Red Rose