A Flight and A Crash LP (Black)

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Hot Water Music - A Flight and A Crash LP (Black)

Track List:

Side A

  1. A Flight And A Crash
  2. Jack of All Trades
  3. Paper Thin
  4. Instrumental
  5. Swinger
  6. A Clear Line
  7. Choked and Separated
  8. Old Rules

Side B

  1. Sons and Daughters
  2. Sunday Suit
  3. She Takes It So Well
  4. One More Time
  5. In The Gray
  6. Call It Trashing
  7. So Many Days

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    In 2019, Hot Water Music will be celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band and tour the world performing tracks from their entire catalog.
    Epitaph Records will be repressing three of the band’s albums on vinyl for release in 2019: 2001’s A Flight and A Crash, 2002’s Caution and 2004’s The New What Next.