Appleseed LP (Clear/Black Smoke Vinyl)

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Aesop Rock - Appleseed LP (Clear/Black Smoke Vinyl)

The explosion of indie Hip Hop labels in the early 90s resulted in an ongoing snowball effect that started to shift the narrative around an artist's need to sign to a major label. Coincidentally, quality home recording equipment was also becoming more easily accessible and, with the rising popularity of CD-R technology, this allowed artists to write, record, and manufacture their own albums right at home. Appleseed was a highly celebrated and influential release from that era, cementing Aesop Rock as a new face whose talent could not be denied. The first Appleseed CD’s were CD-R’s I duped at home and sold from my backpack at an MF DOOM show at Brownies, which was right below my apartment at the time. I continued to sell hand to hand in NY, while Blockhead started fielding some mail orders from a young internet. People would send us cash or a check, and he’d cut the covers out and mail them off.“ The two of them were able to move a couple thousand CDs that way before turning their attention to newer projects, particularly Float in Aesop’s case. As a result, Appleseed went out of print for many years before resurfacing as a merch item on tour. Finally, 21 years after its debut, Appleseed officially returns, now available on all digital platforms, as well as on vinyl for the first time!

Track List:

A1 Appleseed Intro 1:08
A2 Dryspell 4:31
A3 Same Space (The Tugboat Complex Part 2) 3:52
A4 Sick Friend 4:30
B1 Hold The Cup 4:58
B2 1,000 Deaths 3:43
B3 Blue In The Face 4:28
B4 Odessa 4:44