Blaze CD

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Release Date: APR 8, 2003

Lagwagon is back on the horse and ready to blaze a trail to the punk rock promised land! 14 new songs that they were perfecting over the last couple years, so stop complaining about the long wait! It comes on an enhanced CD that has three videos and other secret stuff…don’t touch that vial!

Track List:

  1. Burn 
  2. E Dagger 
  3. Dancing The Collapse 
  4. I Must Be Hateful 
  5. Falling Apart 
  6. Max Says 
  7. Billy Club 
  8. Dividers 
  9. Never Stops 
  10. Dinner And A Movie 
  11. Lullaby 
  12. Billionaire 
  13. Tomorrow Is Heartbreak 
  14. Baggage