Boronia LP (Black Vinyl)

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Hockey Dad - Boronia LP (Black Vinyl)


  1. Can't Have Them
  2. A Night Out With
  3. So Tired
  4. Jump The Gun
  5. Hunny Bunny
  6. I Need A Woman
  7. Laura
  8. Raygun
  9. Dylans Place
  10. Two Forever
  11. Grange

Zach Stephenson (guitars/vocals) and Billy Fleming (drums) have been best friends since age 4. Living two doors down on Boronia Street in the small Australian coastal town of Windang, it was around 13 when they discovered Zach's Dad's old gear in his garage and by 18, they were touring Australia under the name Hockey Dad, which was gleaned from a Simpsons episode.

'Boronia' is 11 tracks of pure unadulterated fun that comes straight out of the surf and skate culture surrounding them in their native Wollongong. It embodies Hockey Dad's effortless fuzzy, surf-grunge musical style by capturing  Zach and Billy in their natural habitat - by the beach, with mates, surfing and having nothing but cheeky, carefree fun.