Good Riddance

Bound By Ties of Blood and Affection CD

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Release Date: May 20, 2003

GR is relentless! Once again the pride of Santa Cruz deliver a rock record that is both hard-hitting and dark. Very reminiscent of the great Op Phoenix LP, this record will pound you with its heavy politics and even heavier music.

Track List:

  1. Made To Be Broken 
  2. More Depalma, Less Fellini
  3. Saccharine 
  4. Up The Affiliates 
  5. Boxing Day 
  6. The Dubious Glow Of Excess 
  7. Black Bag Confidential 
  8. Paean To The Enlightenment 
  9. There’s No “I” In Team 
  10. The Process 
  11. Dylan 
  12. Remember Me 
  13. Shame, Rights & Privilege 
  14. Bobby Baun