Burn It To The Ground LP (Colour)

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Roughneck Riot - Burn It To The Ground LP (Colour)

Track List:

  1. We’re Still here
  2. Stay Awake
  3. A New Day Is Dawning
  4. Don’t Count Me Out
  5. Lampedusa
  6. Cognitive Dissonance
  7. Burn It To The Ground
  8. Tired Eyes
  9. We’ve Already Lost
  10. The Reckoning
  11. No Cure for Us
  12. Fucks Sake

By no means a traditional folk-punk band, Roughneck Riot have been making their mark on the underground punk scene for nearly a decade with their heavy, melodic sound. Drawing influence from a menagerie of folk punk and hardcore bands and praised for their high-octane live performances, they’re intent on highlighting socio-political issues of the 21st century to a new generation of punks.