Come Back, All Is Forgiven LP

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Custard - Come Back, All Is Forgiven LP

Having formed in Brisbane in 1990, Custard released 5 albums that decade, (Buttercup/Bedford, Wahooti Fandango, Wisenheimer, We Have the Technology and Loverama). The band developed a cult following, playing countless shows around the country and touring overseas, as well as producing a parade of memorable singles and videos before disbanding in 1999.

The members have all remained active in the intervening, playing in groups including The Go-Betweens, The Titanics, The Polaroids, The Lost Gospel, The Purple Hearts and Beachfield.

Track Listing:

  1. Orchids In Water
  2. We Are The Parents (Our Parents Warned Us About)
  3. Warren Rd
  4. Record Machine
  5. If You Would Like To
  6. 1990’s
  7. Contemporary Art
  8. Queensland University
  9. Rice & Beans
  10. Factual
  11. Get In Your Car

      Release date: 6 Nov 2015