Crooked Rain LP (Black Vinyl)

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Pavement - Crooked Rain LP (Black Vinyl)

Pavement mark the point when post-punk turned into alternative rock, When their first EP, Slay Tracks (1933-1969), was released in 1989, it sparked a back-to-the-garage movement in the American underground, While there were a number of hardcore and punk bands in the U.S, during the late '80s, Pavement brought guitar pop back into the underground lexicon, Combining ringing guitar hooks with mumbled, cryptic lyrics and a D.I.Y, aesthetic borrowed from post-punk, the band simultaneously sounded traditional and modern, Though there were no overt innovations in their music, Pavement had an identity and sense of purpose that transformed the American underground.

Track List:

1. Silence Kit
2. Elevate Me Later
3. Stop Beathin'
4. Cut Your Hair
5. Newark Wilder
6. Unfair
7. Gold Soundz
8. 5-4=unity
9. Range Life
10. Heaven Is A Truck
11. Hit The Plane Down
12. Fillmore Jive